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Mission Statement

Next Level Arts University is committed to preparing our students to become leaders and productive citizens in the community through technology and the arts. We will inspire our students to further their education beyond high school and college, and facilitate their growth into productive entrepreneurs who, ultimately, will change the face of the workforce in this country and beyond.


  • Provide hands on teaching, professional development and recital sessions year round for students.

  • Cultivate a positive learning environment that will allow opportunities for instructors and students to address individual needs, interests, and concerns.

  • Equip our students with life-skills through indoor and outdoor team building projects and activities. NLU will also offer etiquette training and mentoring opportunities in an effort to develop each student holistically.

  • Foster effective habits of the mind through exposure job market expectations and longevity.

  • Together we can prepare our student to impact the world through rigorous, research-based academics and curricula in fine arts and technology that will, in turn, certify them with credentials and create jobs within the community.

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