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Courses Offered


Next Level University offers weekly cooking classes to students, our hands on, interactive approach on cooking and working in the field with their instructors help prepare our students for the future as a young entrepreneur. We believe that seeing success breed success in the future. At next level we realize that cooking is a great opportunity to sharpen life-skills and stir-up creativity! It is also a great recipe for soaking-up knowledge from the basic cognitive subject areas. We believe that any recipe prepared at Next Level Chefs will increase their capacity for learning Math, Reading and Science concepts easier.  (Ages 9-17)





NLU cosmetology course unleashes our students creativity through shears, clippers, and so much more. Our cosmetology program teaches the basic foundations of hair cutting, braiding and styling. We also teach our students how to operate a cosmetology business. Not only will students be familiar with core beauty theory, but they will also have the chance to watch their instructors at work, ask questions, receive technique, and assist their teachers with prepping hairstyles for clients. With our Hands on approach we believe that, Next Level University prepares students for the “real-life” side of the beauty industry by providing them  business and operational training opportunities in salons or as independent entrepreneurs. (Ages 9-17)



       Jr. Broker Accounting and Real Estate


In our Broker and Real Estate Agent course the objective is to equip students with the basic knowledge of checks and balances, profits, sales, and Annual Percent Rate. We  also want the students at NLU to understand the pros and cons of RENTING vs OWNING by giving the students an opportunity to create their own world through hands-on projects that teach them the necessities of Adulthood. While learning the ins and outs of real estate our students will be able to increase and sharpen their math, reading, and communication  skills. By the end of our Real Estate Program students will be prepared to take on the necessary challenges that come with being a real estate agent early. (Ages 9-17)


Next Level Photography


The  Objective for Next Level Photography is to teach our students how to develop  a memorable image that demands attention requires skill and effort. Our hands-on photography classes along with our experienced instructors will help align the technical skills you'll gain with your conceptual aesthetic.This course introduces students to the basics of photography, including camera functions and photo composition. Each student will learn what it takes to create a good photograph and how to improve photographs of animals, people, and vacations. By the end of this course student will become efficient in various photo-editing software. Through a variety of assigned projects, students will engage their creativity by photographing a range of subjects and learning to see the world through the lens of their cameras. (Ages 9-17)


Next Level Theatre & Acting

Next Levels Unique and Creative theatre program is designed for a new generation of storytellers with a fresh point of view. By the end of the course students will know the step necessary to become a professional in the field of acting, directing, and screenwriting. Students will also get the opportunity to learn how to operate a professional camera through our hands-on, interactive approach. Students will  find themselves completely immersed in their course of study from day one. (Ages 9-17)

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